Commercial Painting, Wallpaper Installation And Removal

AB Decorating has been helping businesses look their best since 1972. We offer many services to put the finishing touches on your company’s building or refresh the interior or exterior.

Interior and Exterior Painting

If your siding, entrance, or doorway need repainting, AB Decorating will get the job done. We will scrape, sand, wash, and repair previously painted structures. We also paint buildings that have not been painted before. Many large stores have iconic patterns on their brick, stucco, or siding. Some examples include red striping along the top and bottom of the storefront, accented towers and pillars, color blocks of similar, bright colors, company colors, and more. Inside your store, office, or warehouse, we can create any type of painting motif you would like. This includes solid, neutral colors, bright patterns, and anything in between. We can also paint floors and ceilings, light fixtures, counters, woodwork, partitions, and much more.

Exterior Washing

Dirt, mildew, dust, and oxidation can damage the exterior of your building, dulling the true color and lessening curb appeal. AB Decorating can properly remove mildew, dust, dirt, and wash the exterior of your structures.

Drywall Repair

One thing that can really take away from your building’s flawless appearance is chipped, cracked, or broken drywall. AB Decorating will repair drywall or plaster in any area of the building whether it’s in the entranceway, basement, or anywhere in between. These repairs can be minor or major and will be done to your satisfaction.

Wallpaper Installation And Removal

AB Decorating installs and removes wallpaper. We can also update or add wallcoverings to your office or building. Proper preparation includes: patching, sanding and sealing.

Free Estimates

Every job we complete comes with a free estimate. This will ensure you know what to expect in terms of cost and timeframe and allows you to opt out if you aren’t ready to complete these changes. You will be able to ask questions, make special requests, and schedule your service at a time convenient for you.